Our comic strip is about the weird lives of townsfolk in the weird neighborhoods in the weird little town called Clinton’s Ditch that sits on the western end of the old Erie Canal in upstate New York. Got all that? Good. Good and absolutely borrrrriinnngggg.

There’s more going on in Clinton’s Ditch than meets the eye, friends. An amazing secret known only to a few citizens makes this place something special. They have sworn to keep what they know underground, literally underground. But like an old tire, the secret keeps wanting to surface.

History is best chronicled from a distance where one can have sense of perspective and objectivity. But until now, it was thought to be a one-way street where all we could do was look backwards. What has changed? Simply this: What has happened in the past has, on occasion, been significantly affected by events in the future.

Don’t roll your eyes. We’re not going to get all Terminator and Back to the Future on you good readers. That stuff was nothing more than fantasy used to move Jujubees and Raisinets through the economic chain. What Clinton’s Ditch is going to reveal is the truth about a very important piece of American history; something the school textbooks have never touched.

We ask you suspend your sense of reality, hover a safe distance above your astral plane (twelve to fifteen feet is a good float zone) and then drop into Clinton’s Ditch. This ain’t Mayberry and this ain’t Lake Wobegon, that’s for sure.

What the  … Oh, mannnnn! Look — I gotta run before Old Man Jenkins cuts the power to my compu